The Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
at the University of Southern California
The USC Rocket Propulsion Lab is focused on pushing the state-of-the-art in rocket propulsion technology. Armed with determination and the goal of putting a scratchbuilt rocket into space, the students associated with this group spend their free time designing, building, and testing experimental rocketry and propulsion hardware.

Founded in 2005, RPL is advised by Dr. Daniel Erwin and operates under the USC Viterbi School's Department of Astronautical Engineering. The group is trusted with a great deal of self-management and autonomy, and is internally managed by Viterbi undergraduates. Passionate students from the astronautics, aerospace, mechanical, computer science, electrical, and industrial systems departments all contribute to the project and work to surmount its unique set of obstacles.

USCRPL is the world's premier undergraduate research group in propulsion technologies.

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